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Sack Breakfast.

In a hurry and need something you can grab on your way in? Stop in and snag yourself a sack breakfast, or better yet - reserve one so it's ready when you blaze through. Each sack breakfast includes:

  1. Your choice of pastry or breakfast QuickyPie
  2. Your choice of small coffee or tea
  3. Daily vitamin pack (1 packet of Emergen-C & multivitamin by Brand)

Summer River Rat Pack

For a measly $25 you get your choice of PBR, Miller, or Montucky Cold Snacks 12 pack of beer, 1 bag of chips, 1 jar of salsa, and a pair of sunglasses. Upgrade to the SUPER RIVER RAT PACK for $50 and boost it to a 24 pack, add 2 QuickyPies from Sizzle Pie, and a PPHQ beach towel!


Date Night Lover's Pack

Everything you need to make your date night something special. $69 gets you (1) bottle of Satan's Table wine, a pack of condoms, a snack pack including a variety of cheese, chocolate, and crackers (vegan and gluten free available).